The Austin Children’s Choir strives to provide the children of Austin and surrounding communities with a rewarding music program that gives them the opportunity to learn and perform outstanding choral music. Our mission is to make our program accessible to all children, no matter their musical experience or socioeconomic status. We accept all singers who audition into our program. Singers in The Austin Children’s Choir range from grades 2 through 12 with a variety of musical backgrounds and experiences.

At a time when schools across the country are cutting funding for fine arts programs, The Austin Children’s Choir is providing an outlet for musical expression in the live music capitol of the world. Studies suggest that musical training can help students in all school subjects, social interactions, and self-esteem.

At the 2008 Critic’s Choice Awards annual celebration, the Austin Critics Table named The Austin Children’s Choir’s world premier performance of “The Odyssey” the “2008 Best Choral Performance of the Season.” In 2015, the choir performed John Rutter’s “Mass of the Children” in collaboration with members of the Austin Symphony Orchestra, an adult chorus, and the Hill Country Youth Chorus. The Austin Children’s Choir performed the world premier of Jack Wild’s “Three Waking Dreams,” a commission for the choir’s 30th anniversary.

Each concert season is centered on a new theme, which drives musical selections by the artistic staff. Concert themes have included “Music Around the World,” “Through the Eyes of a Child,” and “Pilgrims and Pioneers.” Repertoire is chosen to highlight the annual theme and connect the music for the audience and the performers.

While rehearsals are focused on producing beautiful music, the artistic staff will also foster development in music literacy and appreciation through lessons in music reading, critical listening, and music theory.

The artistic staff of the choir is comprised of music educators from the Austin area who hold Bachelors and Masters degrees in Music Education and Conducting. Directors of the chorus have taught at the Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Collegiate levels. Many alumni of The Austin Children’s Choir have gone on to a career in the arts. Members have gone on to study music education, performance, and theater in Texas and around the country.

Our Mission

  • Nurture and develop Austin-area children, using music and performance as the primary vehicles of motivation and education.
  • Provide the Austin music scene with the unique, pure sound that only a children’s choir can produce.
  • Make a cultural contribution to the community by offering a varied repertoire that includes classical, popular and ethnic music.
  • Promote the principle of inclusion by recruiting members from diverse ethnic, economic and social backgrounds.